Friday, September 28, 2012

Stylized Mickey Mouse & Friends

I got the idea for these cake pops from And Everything Sweet. I love her work. One day, I'll throw a party like the ones I see online!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Twin Babies



The Lorax

I was so excited that someone requested The Lorax cake pops. I made his head a while back and the kids (and I) have been so in to the movie lately. The music is so catchy!

The Lorax, bar-ba-loots and truffula trees were requested and Gianna asked for a fish and duck/bird for Noah.

More Hairstylist

GCC Pedometers

To celebrate the end of the GCC challenge at Rolls Royce in Oakland, CA - the numbers represent the most steps each person got in ONE day during the challenge.



More Avatar

I can't believe how popular Avatar is - this is the fourth order I've made! I should really check it out.

See Avatar and Appa close ups here.