Monday, April 30, 2012


Red Cup

With beer!


Originally wanted "CONGRATULATIONS" but my writing skills aren't great and I could barely manage the school's initials.

Chico State Graduate

Test cake pops for a coworker who's daughter will be graduating this month. Chico State colors are red and white.

I'm loving the red cup - so college-esque. And so appropriate for Chico State, known for its partying, haha.

One change already requested - red cups are usually Solo brand but he insisted in Dixie when we talked last week. If he orders, I'll definitely have to change to show Solo!

Cross with Writing

If she likes these, her kids' names can be written under the cross.



Baptism Themed

Test cake pops for a coworker who's kids are getting baptized this weekend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Official!

After much consideration, I have decided to seriously start selling cake pops.

For more information, please contact:
510-303-1378 (text)

I will try to accommodate all requests - but please keep in mind that I work full time, go to school and have two toddlers at home, so my free time is scarce!

Thank you all for your support. It's given me the confidence to start a new journey into the cake poppin' world. I have made many cake pops and am really excited to create new ones.

Hope to hear from you all soon :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Despicable Me Minions

So... I've been pretty adamant about not selling cake pops (too much pressure and whatnot). But I broke. I think because I'm going broke. Haha, kidding.

My very first order is for a 2nd birthday party - he loves the minions from Despicable Me!

I made two versions. After thinking about it, icing does not dry well on cake pops. So if I wanted to wrap these, I had to nix that idea. Also, licorice for hair just didn't look as cute. Other than that, both versions are pretty much the same.

Everyone is loving the "G" on the overalls. DTM. It's just how I roll.

These also took a tumble off the counter. Thanks Noah! LOL, I love him.

Here's the completed order for the minions! (This isn't all 40 cake pops, I think it's about 25).

Eiffel Tower

Wine Glass

Chef Hat

Or for your foodies out there, a toque.

Cheese Wedge


As Nana would say, "Anyone Cancun!" Ratatouille cooks better than I do. 

Ratatouille & Paris Themed

Nana is obsessed with "Ratatouille" right now. She went from hating it (seriously, like at the point of tears when you try to put it on) to referring to herself as Colette, Noah as Ratatouille and Tony as Gusteau. Me? I'm the Old Lady that she hates. Nice.

These lasted a good 30m before Noah came and knocked down the whole block of cake pops to the floor. That kid... I should seriously consider buying one of those redonks cake pop stands.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Justin Bieber

Requested by Chi. #neversaynever

The poop looking stuff in his hair is supposed to be streaks, lol


Definitely the hardest one to do. I was able to draw the the details on the front of the cake pop but once I got to the back, my brain just filled with ??? as I had no idea how to go about making a web design. LOL

Iron Man

Or as Nana calls him, Onion Man!

The Hulk

Captain America

Emphasizing again that human cake pops are not my forte. He's sweating because it was so stinkin' hot this weekend!

Marvel Superheroes

My uncle (second cousin? great uncle?) Tuong had requested The Hulk when I first started making cake pops. My memory is terrible but when it comes to cake pops, ideas are forever!

I used Marvel Mini Muggs toys as a guideline as to how to cake popperize the superheroes.


Yes, I googled the name of the frog from the movie.

This is the only other character I did from "Gnomeo & Juliet" since everyone else is a gnome and I really don't like doing human cake pops.

DARN! Just remembered the flamingo... Oh well. Maybe next time. Hehe



Gnomeo & Juliet

As requested by my Nannerz. Turned out much better than I expected! I love when that happens.



It was miserably hot on Saturday but I still somehow managed to make cake pops. Most just sweated a bit but the straw on this one had a hard time staying up. I've read that painting the candy (Tootsie Roll, Starburst, etc.) will help keep the shape. Not sure if it would work in the heat though. My cake pops spent a lot of time in the garage!

Ice Cream Cone

I've seen versions of ice cream cake pops with the pointy sugar cone but have never seen mini pointy cones. I know you can break them down to size but that seems so wasteful!

These were perfect for cake pops. Nhi bought them for the kids so that they could have manageable-sized ice cream cones.

Hot Dog


Fried Chicken

More specifically, fried chicken wings!

French Fries

Homage to the best french fries around. Well, when they're fresh.

Frosted Donut

Chocolate Cake


Junk Food

Inspired by my cousin, @DrFoodie. Too bad she's in Miami and Nana got to the bacon AND the chicken wing before Linh got home!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avatar Aang

Avatar Aang cake pops as requested by Kim. It's her favorite cartoon and hopefully these cake pops will help with her withdrawal from the show's cancellation.


What I Used:
- Peach candy melts (orange and white)
- Brown candy melts (eyebrows)
- Gray candy melts (white with a touch of black candy color)
- White candy melts (eyes and mouth)
- Jumbo confetti sprinkles (ears)
- Black edible markers

Curious George

After I finished Curious George, Nana asked me where the Man in the Yellow hat was... She's definitely my daughter and already one-upping me at three years old!

What I Used:
- Light cocoa candy melts
- Peach candy melts (orange and white)
- Peach jumbo confetti sprinkles (ears)
- White confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Pink confetti sprinkle (tongue, broken to size)
- Chocolate tootsie roll (hair)
- Black edible marker

Olivia the Pig

One of Nana's favorite cartoons. Honestly, it reminds me of the pig in the Saw movies :/

I made pig & monkey cake pops and had a few extra balls so I made a famous pig and a famous monkey too. Why not? Already had the candy melted. Schmight as well!

What I Used:
- Pink candy melts
- Candy corn (ears, cut to shape)
- Jumbo heart sprinkles (bows)
- Red mini confetti sprinkles (bows)
- Black and pink edible markers