Friday, January 25, 2013

December Cake Pops

 Day of the Dead cake pops
 Christmas cake pops 
(gingerbread house, snowflake, tree, toy bag, Mrs Claus, Santa, stocking, present, Rudolph)
Black and white sprinkle cake pops
 Gingerbread house and stocking cake pops
 Gingerbread house and gingerbread people cake pops
 Holiday feet cake pops 
(for a podiatrist office)
 Holiday teeth cake pops 
(for a dental office)
 The Hulk and Iron Man cake pops
 Ice cream cone cake pops
 Graduation monkey cake pops
 Assorted gift basket cake pops
(Mrs Claus, Santa, black lab, pugs, Barbies & American Girl)
 Christmas cake pops 
(snowflake, Rudolph, elf, stocking, sprinkles, Mrs Claus, Santa)
 San Francisco Giants baseball cake pops
 Christmas cake pop bouquet
 Super Mario cake pops
(Luigi, Mario, block, Toad, star)
 The Beatles cake pops
 The Grinch cake pops
(Mary Lou Whoo, The Grinch, Max)
Volleyball cake pops