Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dora the Explorer

I tested Dora cake pops to see if it was doable for Fefe's upcoming 3rd birthday party.

They turned out OK but it was a lot of work!

I found a picture of Dora and used it to shape the cake balls to look like her hair.

Then I put wax paper over the picture and piped out the eyes (brown first, then the whites), the mouth (with red), then the face (peach). I gobbed peach in the middle and used a toothpick to drag it out to fill the face. Put in the fridge to dry.

Stick the Dora head with a lollipop stick and let it dry. Then dip it completely in dark cocoa candy melts. Shake off the excess and before it dries, find the flatter side of the pop and push on the Dora face. Try to position it the same as the picture.

Once the cake pop is dry, draw on the details of her face. It makes a HUGE difference. Trace the eyes, the mouth, dot a pupil on each eye, and draw on a itty bitty nose.

I only made two - and each of my kids ate one within 5min of completion!

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