Thursday, March 29, 2012

Donald & Daisy

Supplies I used:
- White, blue and purple candy melts
- Black candy color (if you can't find dark blue candy melts)
- Blue and black confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Yellow Starburst candy (beak)
- Lavender and black edible ink pens

- Shape cake into ovals. Melt white candy. Insert lollipop stick and let dry. Dip cake pop in white candy and let dry completely.
- Shape Daisy's bow and freeze. Melt lavender candy and dip, set aside to dry.
- Shape Donald's hat in to a teardrop hat and freeze. Melt blue candy (add some black to darken if you don't have a dark blue candy), set aside to dry.
- Melt a yellow Starburst candy for 10sec in the microwave. Folded in half (to get the lips) and shaped to look like a beak. Curve it to fit the cake pop. Careful not to melt the cake pop too much as the heat from the Starburst can transfer.
- Attach mini blue confetti sprinkles for the eyes and black confetti sprinkles for the pupils. Use a toothpick and dab melted candy to hold in place.
- Use a purple edible pen to draw eyelids for Daisy. Use a black edible pen to draw eyelashes. Attach the bow to Daisy's head and attach the beak using melted candy.
- Attach the hat to Donald's head and attach the beak using melted candy. Using a black edible pen, draw a rim around the bottom of the hat. Use a toothpick to add some white between his head and the hat to create hair.

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