Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello Kinda-Kitty Cake Pops

Upon perusing Bakerella's site, I came across her Hello Kitty cake pops. We're going to a Hello Kitty themed birthday party this weekend so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try these out. First off, WHY don't I ever listen to instructions and WHY do I always think I'm smarter than the system and try to come up with my own ideas of what I THINK might be easier but it always ends up being harder/more work/less cute? Ugh. I hate myself sometimes...

Here are what Bakerella's redonkulously cute Hello Kitty pops look like

Ugh. Just ugh. They are too perfect!

You can find directions on how to make the Hello Kitty cake pops here. My changes included using black confetti for the eyes (mine came in a Halloween sprinkle set) and yellow jumbo nonpareils for the nose.

Here's how mine turned out
Yes, one is crying. She was double-dipped because her first coat is not smooth (it's hard dipping candy with two toddlers at your side - either pulling your pants down or poking their grimy little fingers in your chocolate...)

A couple of things - I wish I would've just drawn on the eyes. Hello Kitty's eyes are oval and my sprinkles were round. I should've added the details while the white chocolate coating was still wet to avoid the (as my sister called it) weepy eye look - yenno, like you just said something mean and she's about to cry but is holding back her tears.

Other than that, they turned out pretty nice for something I decided to do in one night. These will be given to a 7 year old anyway. She's not gonna care what they look like, just that they taste good (I used Funfetti cake mix with vanilla frosting). Maybe one day, I'll do these again. When the kids aren't home, hehe!

They look much better packaged!
Clear treat bags do an awesome job at hiding flaws.

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