Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jeremy Lin aka JLin

#linsanity has hit cake pops.

Quick background: Jeremy Lin played on the Golden State Warriors last year. Pretty much a bench warmer that they'd put in at the end of the game if the team was hella losing or hella winning. That's nice... giving him some action. They'd constantly send him to the D-League and then pick him back up. I felt bad for the guy. He is a Harvard grad. He deserves better than that! Maybe the Warriors were just jealous that he was smarter than the whole team combined. This season, he was dropped by the Warriors, pick up by the Rockets (or whoever is in Houston), dropped by Houston, then picked up by the New York Knicks where is he is have a Knick-ass season (harharhar). The media around him is seriously crazy right now. Thankfully, his last name is easily incorporated in to everyday common words to further the buzz around him (lincredible, linsanity, linning, etc.). And I must mention, that before his rise to fame, he's had a constant fan - Linh Hoang (@DrFoodie - seriously, check out her stalker-eque tweets, aka "twirting" to him, haha!). Her love for him has grown exponentially and it was she that requested these cake pops. She even came over to help!

The Inspiration

iPad sketch

Linh had a great idea - instead of just doing his head and making your average Asian-man cake pop, we should do basketballs and jerseys too! Thank god his name is three letters and the letters are all straight ones.

- White and orange candy melts
- Black candy color (hair)
- Brown jimmie sprinkles (optional)
- Jumbo peach confetti sprinkles (Gianna helped me sort these out, I let her eat the broken ones!)
- Black edible pen
- Orange sugar sprinkles (optional)
- Lollipop sticks
- Styrofoam block
- Ziplock bags
- Clear treat bags
- Thin ribbon

- Make your standard cake balls. For the head, shape it in an oval. For the jersey, shape in to an oval, flatten and taper with your fingers. Freeze for 15minutes and transfer to the fridge.
For the head
- Melt white candy in 30second intervals. Add orange candy until you get the color to match the jumbo confetti.
- Dip lollipop stick in candy, insert in pop. Dip jumbo confetti and push in to the sides for the ears. Return to fridge in block to set.
- Once dry, dip in peach colored candy. If you decide to use brown jimmies for the hair, dip the pop now before the candy sets. Return to fridge in block to dry.
- Melt white candy in a ziplock bag. Snip a tiny piece of the corner and pipe on his million dollar smile. You can also do this ahead of time on wax paper - but remember to attach after you dip his head in the peach candy.
- Draw on his eyes and nose with the black edible pen. I was thinking about cutting a peanut butter chip in half and attaching for the nose, prior to dipping, but I forgot. Oh well.
- Let the pops come down in room temperature, bag and tie.

The one with jimmies kind of looks like Flynn Rider from "Tangled"

For the basketballs
- Melt orange candy. Dip lollipop stick and insert in cake balls.
Return to fridge in block to set.
- Once dry, using the black edible pen, draw lines. Use a basketball for reference as describing is a lot of confusing work. You know you have a basketball lying around. Or google it. Haha
- For the DTM (doing too much) touch, write on "NBA"
Let the pops come down in room temperature, bag and tie.

For the jerseys
- Melt white candy. Dip the lollipop stick and insert in the jersey shaped cake.
Return to fridge in block to set.
- Once set, dip the jersey in white candy. Be careful as the shape of the jersey makes the cake unstable. I had my husband hold them upright for me for a few seconds and kind of jiggle them in upright position if they started to bend.
Return to fridge in block to set.
- Melt some candy in a ziplock bag or use leftover candy. Snip a tiny piece of the corner and pipe on the details of the jersey. "NY 17" on the front (couldn't fit NEW YORK).
If you want that extra bling, sprinkle the orange sugar sprinkles on the 17. Return to fridge in block to set.
- On the back of the jersey, pipe 17 again.
- Once all the piping has dried, draw on the details of the jersey - the arm holes, the neck hole, and "LIN" on the back above the piped 17.
Let the pops come down in room temperature, bag and tie.
I must say, these turned out a lot better than I had originally imagined. They are definitely the most work but I think it was worth it. And Linh loved them (she had a hard time eating them - how could you bite the face of the man you love?!).

Would I do it again? Probably not. So enjoy everyone! Or should I say #linjoy haha

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