Friday, March 30, 2012

Dora & Friends - Backpack

Supplies I used:
- Purple, white, yellow and red candy melts
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake in to a rounded rectangle. Freeze to firm up.
- Melt purple candy. Insert lollipop stick and let dry completely.
- Melt yellow candy and pipe eyebrows. You can use the template above. Set aside. You could probably use yellow jimmies here.
- Melt white candy and pipe eyes, long ovals. Set aside.
- Melt red candy and pipe the mouth. Set aside. You could use a red edible ink pen to draw on at the end and skip this.
- Remelt purple candy if needed. Dip the cake pop. Attach eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Let dry.
- Once dry, use a black edible ink pen to outline the eyes and mouth. Freehand draw the opening of the backpack and straps on the back.

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