Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Candy Cat

Stuff I used:
- Orange candy melts
- Jumbo heart sprinkles (ears)
- Royal icing eyes
- Pink mini confetti sprinkles (cheeks)
- White jimmie sprinkles (whiskers)
- Red mini heart sprinkle (nose)
- Brown edible pen

- Roll cake in to a ball. Freeze for 15min and move to the fridge.
- Melt orange candy in a bowl. Dip a lollipop stick and insert in to cake ball. Dip jumbo hearts upside down (so that the point is not dipped) and insert as ears. Let dry completely.
- Once dry, dip cake pop in orange candy. Shake off excess. Before the candy dries, position eyes, cheeks, nose and whiskers. Let dry completely.
- Let the cake pop come down to room temperature. Draw on smile with brown edible pen.

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