Monday, March 5, 2012


What I used:
- Dark cocoa, orange and white candy melts
- White mini confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Mini rainbow chip (nose)
- Peach jumbo confetti sprinkles (ears)
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake in to an oval. Flatten the top where the hat will sit. Freeze for 15min and move to the fridge.
- Melt dark cocoa candy in a ziplock bag. Pipe rounded triangles for the hat, big enough to sit on top of the pop, on to wax paper. To make the top of the hat, you can cut candy to shape and dip. What I did was layers of candy, letting it dry in between each layer. A lot of work... if you can find triangle shaped candy - use that! Attach top of hat to base. Let dry.
- Melt orange and white candy to make peach, try to match the peach of the jumbo confetti. Dip lollipop stick and push in to bottom of cake. Dip rainbow chip and position nose. Let dry completely.
- Dip cake pop in peach candy. Shake off the excess. Before it dries, insert ears on both sides. Position eyes. Position hat. Let dry completely.
- Using the handle of a spoon, dab on the hair. Make sure to include his sideburns! Let dry.
- Draw on pupils, eyebrows and smile.

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