Friday, March 2, 2012


I had already posted this but somehow it got deleted via the Blogger app on my phone. Delete, delete, delete! No longer do I have that app available for my fingers to accidentally swipe away my post that I worked so hard on (hardest 5min of my life! Kidding...)

So this will be short and sweet because I'm lazy. And I just took a Finance exam and my brain is frazzled.

iPad sketch

- White and green candy melts
- White M&Ms (the flat kind, no filling)
- Pink confetti sprinkles (cheeks)
- Black edible pen
- Lollipop sticks
- Styrofoam block
- Clear treat bags
- Thin ribbon

- Make your basic cake pops, roll the balls to make them semi-flat ovals. Freeze for 15min and move to the fridge.
- Melt candy, dip the lollipop stick and push in to the bottom of the oval. Move to the fridge, use a Styrofoam block to hold upright.
- Dip the pops in melted green candy (use some white or yellow melts to get the green right - trial and error here). Before the candy sets, push two white M&Ms in to the top for the eyes - be sure to position the "m" on the back so you don't see it. Also put the pink confetti on the cheeks. If the candy dries before you can do this, use a toothpick to dab the confetti and attach.
- Return to the block to dry. Once dry, use the black edible pen to draw on the pupils and a "V" shaped mouth.
- Let it come down to room temperature, bag and tie with ribbon.

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