Friday, March 30, 2012


Really, this is not even worth blogging about because it doesn't look like Pete and is totally incomplete... But forget that, I put work in to this cake pop nonetheless!

Supplies I used:
- White and orange candy melts
- White and black confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Black rainbow chip confetti (nose)
- White confetti sprinkles (teeth)
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake like Pete's head, kind of like a pear. Freeze to firm up.
- Melt white candy and add black candy color. Insert lollipop stick in cake and let dry. Dip the cake pop and let dry completely.
- Melt white and orange candy to create peach. Use a toothpick to fill in the mouth area. Attach a black rainbow chip sprinkle for the nose.
- Use a toothpick to dab and attach white confetti sprinkles for the eyes. Dab the bottom of the white confetti sprinkle and attach the black confetti sprinkles for the pupils.
- Use a black edible ink pen to draw a smile.
- Break two white confetti sprinkles to create a straight edge. Dab candy and attach teeth.

If you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you'll know that this barely looks like Pete. I forgot his hair, lol. You can pipe his hair on wax paper and let it dry and then attach to his head right after you dip the cake in black candy. Or you can use a toothpick to dab on gobs of candy to create hair. I still haven't perfected the toothpick dabbing technique yet so pipe and dry works better for me.

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