Monday, March 5, 2012

Toy Story

I've been wanting to make Toy Story cake pops ever since I saw the Mr Potato Head version Bakerella did on her site. I think this was the moment I became obsessed...

So to one-up, I did cake pops of ALL the Toy Story characters this weekend! Some of these have been done before, but these are my versions. And I've yet to see a Mrs. Potato Head yet, so hey, I'll take full credit if we start seeing these online, lol.

The Toy Story Gang - Cake Pop-erized
Here are the instructions on how to do each character! (I'm doing this from memory and if you have read any recent posts, it's not very good, so bear with me if there are slight errors or mistakes)

Bake and form your cake balls as you would with any other cake pop. Use a tablespoon measuring spoon and pre-scoop your balls - it makes it much easier

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