Friday, March 30, 2012


Supplies I used:
- White candy melts
- Black candy color
- Black rainbow chip confetti (nose)
- Candy corn (ears)
- Black licorice (whiskers)
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake in to ovals. Freeze to firm up. Trim bottom of candy corn to create ears.
- Melt white candy and add black candy color. Dip lollipop stick and insert. Attach ears with melted candy and let dry completely. Dip cake pop in black candy, attach black rainbow chip for nose and let dry.
- Pipe white candy in to circles for the eyes on wax paper.
- Cut black licorice in to thin strips or use licorice rope. Cut to size for whiskers, set aside.
- Use a toothpick and dab the front and attach eyes. Dab the cheeks and attach whiskers.
- For the ears, you can either dab white to create the inner ear or use a piece of confetti broken in to a triangle shape and attach. (I just happened to have pieces of confetti laying around and wanted to use them)
- Use black edible ink pen to draw pupils.

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