Monday, March 5, 2012


What I used:
- Peanut butter, dark cocoa and yellow candy melts
- White mini confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Black mini rainbow chip (nose)
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake in to a cone shape. Freeze for 15min and move to the fridge.
- Melt dark cocoa candy in a ziplock bag. Pipe ears on wax paper (two per pop) and let dry.
- Melt peanut butter candy. Dip lollipop stick and push in to the cake cone, toward the back of the cake. Let dry completely.
- Dip the mini white sprinkles in peanut butter candy to make eyelids. Dry on wax paper.
- Dip the cake pop in peanut butter candy. Let dry.
- Melt yellow candy. Dip the front of the cake pop (the point of the cone) in the candy. Add a black rainbow chip before it dries. Push in to cake so that only the flat part shows. Let dry.
- Dab peanut butter candy and position eyes. Dab peanut butter candy on the side and hold in place an ear. Blow or use air in a can to speed dry because the heat from your finger will most likely cause the candy to melt if you hold it too long. (I just blew for about 10sec). Do other ear. Let dry completely.
- Draw on pupils and smile.

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