Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Tony's been trying to get me to sell cake pops but I refuse. His coworker requested Mickey Mouse cake pops and he tried to sell them for $2 each! Crazy... I told him to give them to her because the quality of these didn't turn out great. Once we decided to give them to his coworker, the pressure instantly released and I just didn't let my OCD get the best of me!

I tried using air in a can to speed up the drying process on some of these cake pops, not realizing that there is bitterant in air in a can now (damn druggies are messing everything up!) and it totally messes up the cake pop. Well, it's OK for those who just like to look at them. I would highly suggest against eating it. Unless you like that bitterant taste.

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