Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Twin Stars

Supplies I used:
- White and orange candy melts
- Fondant (hair)
- Teal and pink icing color (hair)
- Black edible ink pen

- Shape cake in to ovals. Freeze to firm up.
- Roll out a quarter size of fondant and add pink color. Knead until even. Set aside.
- Roll out a smaller ball of fondant and add teal color. Knead until even. Set aside.
- Melt white and orange candy color to create peach. Insert lollipop stick and let dry completely. Dip the cake pop in candy and let dry.
- Pinch out a small piece of each fondant ball to use for the hair peak. Flatten the fondant enough to drape over the cake pop. For the boy, let it fall against the back of the cake pop. Use a lollipop stick to create the border around the hair. Roll the reserved piece of fondant in to a strip and fold in half. Stick on one side of the top of the head. Repeat with the pink fondant and let the hair fall below the cake pop.
- Use black edible ink pen to draw on eyes and smiles.

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