Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Basically the same cake pops as my previous Mickey & Minnie cake pops but with faces!

Supplies I used:
- White, orange and pink candy melts
- Black candy color

- White and black confetti sprinkles (eyes)
- Black rainbow chip sprinkles (nose)
- Black edible ink pen

I did the cake pops according to Bakerella's instructions - but made a bow out of cake and dipped in place of using sprinkles for Minnie. I wanted to keep the proportions true to the cartoon. Plus they don't make jumbo heart sprinkles in purple or yellow (for Daisy and Clarabelle). And my OCD wouldn't let me have some in cake and some in sprinkles... It was really hard to do! Next time, I'll use Starbursts or something and shape it and glue to the cake pop. Dipping small pieces of cake is not my forte.

I do not know how Bakerella gets her candy to set so smoothly. Maybe I should really try using a squeeze bottle like the site suggests but I just don't really want to deal with washing a bottle, lol. I'm so lazy! I dabbed the peach candy in the center and used a toothpick to guide it to shape the faces. If someone knows how to smooth out candy on cake pops, holla!

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